No, every single pickup ever made is made out of exactly the same materials, was made at exactly the same time, by the same person, in exactly the same way.

Edit: if you didn't note the sarcasm in my above response it's based on the fact that your original question had no meaning. Clarity and specificity in the questions you ask on this forum will obviate the need for any further wankerishness on my part.
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Yes, very much so :P But I guess it depends what pickups your guitar currently has; If you bought a guitar which already had Seymour Duncans or EMGs then no, it wont be a huge difference as they will already be decent pickups. But if you've just got some crappy stock pickups then the difference could be huge
Yes, changing pickups will make a difference.
Different pickups use different magnets, different amounts of windings around the coil, heck I've even seen pickups that advertised their COVERS as having some sonic advantage to them over regular ol' plastic.
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depends what the stock ones are
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Absolutely, unless you don't have an amplifier to use with your guitar.
Or a crummy 10 watt solid state (the kind you find in a starterpack).
In those cases an amp will do more than pickups ever will.

PS. He's going to replace either the Dimebuckers from his Dean or whatever pickups are in an Epi G-400. I'd say in both cases it's worth it.
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I'm going to change them on my SG.Do you have any suggestions to which kind of humbuckers I should get?
Burst buckers, or anything Seymour Duncan. If you like heavy metal, you could get active pickups which have a tiny amp iside, but those kinda mask the sound of the guitar tones.

You don't have to get hum buckers though, you could get single coils.
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I'd rather have a Humbucker.Does the height of the humbucker affect the sound of your guitar? Except for the string hitting them
Quote by J-dog-Ibanez
I'd rather have a Humbucker.Does the height of the humbucker affect the sound of your guitar? Except for the string hitting them

The higher you put your pickup, the more vibrations it'll pick up. Hence, the louder it will be and the "hotter" it will sound.
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Gibson pickups are good but not cheap, same goes for SDs. You could get DiMarzios for less and they'd beat the crap out of the standard Epi PUs and you wouldn't be putting too much money into the mod either.
Moving on.....
Well, it depends on you. Try changing them and see if you like what you hear. If not, then go back to the previous ones.