Just some quick background. I'm a bassist with about four and a half years of experience. I have two pedals currently that I use with nine volt batteries (I never had the adapters).

Anyway, I need some friendly advice/guidance. Thanks to graduation, I've come into possession of a fair amount of money. I was wondering if I could find a good, cheap pedalboard that would let me power three or four pedals at one time.

Doesn't need to be anything too expensive. But not the cheapest thing in the world either. Just a small little pedalboard that I'll be able to use to power my little collection of pedals.

Please help me. Thank you all.
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the whammy uses ac power though? Dont they come with their own adapters?
As for a pedalboard, Pedal Train makes good boards

Yeah, the whammy does. I don't use it when I mix effects though. Probably should've mentioned that. I'm talking about my wah and a fuzz pedal. But I'm looking toward adding a delay as well as something else. Just gonna toy around and see what I want the most I suppose.
I might just build my own board. Haha. So, the Voodoo Labs ISO5.

How does the cable linking work on that? All directly to the ISO5? Or do I make a train? I'm sorry if I sound stupid, never used a pedalboard. And could it handle a bass fuzz, bass wah, Boss DD-5, and one other pedal?
Alright. Thank you so much, Claude. I'm not confused anymore. Haha.

On a less serious note, what kind of pedal would you personally go for to fill in my blank spot? I have fuzz, wah, and delay already. But what would you put if you were me?
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more fuzz, first off, you need a fuzz face, even if you dont play guitar you need one.
Got a budget?

After the Voodoo, not a whole lot. Probably about...$100.

I already have a MXR Blowtorch bass distortion pedal.

If I were to buy another, I'm also interested in the Wounded Paw Attack Goat, but I'd need to save up just a bit more.