Hey Pit, I really need your help.

I got a date this thursday with this really hot girl. We'll be going to the city lake and do some swimming and stuff.
She's really hot and I probably wont be able to control my dirty thoughts while she's sitting next to me.

How am I going to hide my boner?

I, as a professional boner producer, already have a few techniques but they won't work this time:

- Flipping your boner underneath your waistband: There will still be a little bump and I won't be having a shirt to cover that.
- Fapping beforehand: Won't work either. I need at least 40 min from my house to the lake and I'll be recharged until then.

Bonus question for the ladies:
Do you see it as compliment if a guy (who's only a friend until now) has a boner in your presence?

inb4 "new amp"
inb4 "hide it with the fog machine"
inb4 "your dick is too small, anyway"
Hide it in her vagina.
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Mistress_Ibanez is not qualified for this thread.

Anyway, pics or we can't help.

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Control your dirty thoughts? We are only human.
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