I was wondering if it would be worth it to replace the pickups in my Ibanez ART300. They have the (stock) LOZ-1 pups and I might change them if it is worth it.

Any recommendations (the cheaper the better)?? Also, would it be a major improvement or just a minor one?

I would probably have GC install them. Please don't try to convince me to do it myself, I can't do soldering.....I WILL mess it up.

P.S: I am using a Fender Mustang iii 100w
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ooooh yeah, change 'em. too bad you can't solder, it would be cheaper (it's really not complicated). Seymour duncan has a set of two humbuckers (SH-2N jazz humbucker (neck) and SH-4 JB (bridge)) that really rock. Not to expensive either, and great sound!
Soldering is too easy, I don't get why peoplecant do it....but it does keep luthiers in business, so its not totally a bad thing I suppose.
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