I have heard it is quite good, I am not so much into the effects I am just looking for a good quality sound, the effects would be a bonus. Can anyone who has used this software let me know if its any good? I think its called line6 pod software or something along those lines not exactly sure!
i've used a Line 6 Pocket POD through an interface and straight into Logic 9 and while its not the best sound in the world with a bit of processing it can sound pretty decent.

POD Farm and the HD series POD units are very good alternatives for anyone who fancies something like an AxeFx but doesn't have the cash
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I love Pod farm for recording random demos (just saving ideas) and practicing (dorm rooms and all tube amps don't mix well). I've never done anything serious with it, so I can't comment on how it works in a genuine recoding endeavor. The sounds you can make with it are all usable though *shrug* As long as you accept the premise that you're not going to have an exact Marshall / Fender / Mesa all in one xD as is the attitude you should take when buying any modeling anything. It's just got lots of sounds in it *shrug*
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I prefer the Guitar Rig > Pod Farm. However, the Peavey ReValver III ranks the highest in terms of sound quality compared to most other software modellers to me.
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