I am looking to join an online symphonic metal band. I would like to play Rhythm guitar, as that is my strong point, but I can do lead guitar if necessary (I love to do solos but I am rubbish at them). I am 13 and live in England, but I am happy to work with any people of any age. I would use my M-Audio fast-track w/ protools to record my parts, then send them to the person who puts the songs together. Anybody willing to accept me into their band or know of any bands that would?
If you find someone else for keyboards, vocals and drums I could play bass.
I was kinda thinking of joining an existing one rather than starting a new 1
i would be willing to play lead guitar but that would mean starting a new band for you and you dont want to do that, or have you already found your members? and what kind of symphonic metal? nightwish? epica? skyfire?
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and what kind of symphonic metal? nightwish? epica? skyfire?

What's the difference?
The difference being Nighwish is symphonic black metal, Epica is symphonic metal, and Skyfire is symphonic death/power metal.

I play lead guitar.

But I don't think your going to find an existing symphonic metal band around here, better off making one perhaps.
I am decent with effects (synth) and can play both electric and acoustic guitar. I have a feeling that this thread is dead.
If anyone would like to work with me, contact me with this address:


I would love to make a sound similar to that of Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica though.
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