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I've been playing acoustic gigs for about 3/4 years (seriously), and I'm moving to a new area in September, where I'll hopefully be doing a lot more.

The problem I have at the moment, is that my live acoustic sound is often very hit and miss. It can be great one night, then horrible the next, depending on the room size/shape/acoustics, the house PA and many other things, but its incredibly annoying to have such a little degree of control over how I sound.

So, I have come to ask, what would be the best way forward, to both improve, and add control to, my acoustic performances? I have started taking my own condenser microphone to gigs, along with my preamp, for vocals, so that isn't a concern right now, but would a preamp of some kind really be worth it, for the sound and control that I'm looking for?

My guitar is a naturally warm sounding acoustic (Cedar top/Rosewood back/sides), but when plugged straight into the PA, the tone gets nasal, scratchy and harsh, if the soundman doesnt know how to use his gear, so I think something between my guitar and the PA would be wise, but I'm also looking for suggestions on miccing the guitar (should I try this approach?), pickups etc.

Basically (TL: DR), I'm looking to step my game up, when it comes to acoustic gigs. What is there out there, that would make my acoustic sound better.

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You're on the right line with bringing your own mic. With acoustic gig's i've found using my own gear gives me much more control over my sound.

To sort the sound, it might be an idea to feed the guitar through a pre amp/mixer to alter the EQ and try and remove some of that harshness and bring a bit of warmth back into the sound.

This all comes from what experiance I have, I hope it helps!
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I would say that getting an EQ would be good at least. If you have an acoustic amp, that might even be good. That way, you can get your sound down before the gig and keep them fairly consistent. It's always nice to be able to walk into a gig and already have all your settings down well so that all they have to do is plug you into the PA.
So I'm on the lookout for a DI/preamp, any suggestions? Does anyone actually own/use some kind of DI/preamp for live shows?
^ Yes, I do. I use a K&K Pure Western knock off with a Behringer ADI21. It works great -- I feed the signal right into the PA. This is a cheap solution...I only paid like $30 for it, and it works well for piezo pickups too.

If you have more money to spend, I'm a big fan of the Fishman Aura preamps...my bandmate has one and it sounds great. You also can't go wrong with a LR Baggs Para DI.

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