So let's start....

Im producing some songs, and i put some chords, but for rythm, i wanna put some sounds like Paramore, that clean sound...

My doubt is, how i do the right chords for that ryhtm, i have to follow the chord progression, and out that chords, in a way to fit in the first strings on the guitar?

cumpz, and thanks for your attention.
I'm sorry, I didn't understand a word of that
What have you written already?
The melody?
Chord progression?
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Figure out what scales are being used, so you can figure out what the chords are.

If your producing for a client, I would ask him/her what they played. You will avoid confusion trying to figure it out for yourself on your own.
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There isn't one particular chord progression for a rhythm if that's what your saying?
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Muffinz: Sorry man, I already pick the chords that I want to use in the song, so i have the rythm just with chords.
Now i want to put some clean parts like some musics from paramore, like When It Rains, Turn It Off, and things like that.
My quetion is, How I know wich chords, or if i have to follow the chord progression, to fit in the music melody. All in Guitar.

Attenuare:I'm producing for myself, i just have the "normal" chords yet, i know wich scale i have to use
Oh, you wanna write a melody over the chord progression? I would listen to the progression and try to sing a melody over it and then when you have found something you like, learn how to play it on the guitar. If that isn't working you could try finding out what key your song is in and then use the corresponding scale to find a nice melody. Like if your chords were D, G, A, D it would be in D major and the D major scale would sound good over that. If you don't know how to do this you might want to read up on some theory. Or you could just mess around with the notes the chords consists of and add in some other notes as you see (hear) fit. Like you could play around with the D, Gb and A over the D chord and G, B, D over the G chord. Also check out this:

If you're talking about the higher-pitched chords that are played on guitar in the tunes you mentioned (like the intro to When It Rains) you should check out triads. Triads are chords built by three notes forming a scale (most often the 1, 3 and 5 for major chords or 1, b3 and 5 for minor). They are usually played on the three thinnest strings on the guitar to give it that "twangy" sound that really sticks out. Here's a good lesson on this that I used back when I was learning this stuff some years ago (although it only teaches the major chords and you have to know some basic theory for it like where some notes are on the guitar, but if you haven't learned that already now is as good time as any):

If your asking what triads to use when in your song, I would first use the triad version of whatever chord is playing at that moment to give you a basic feel for it. Then you can start getting creative and alter some notes here and there. Maybe create a melody on top of the chords. Maybe a variation of the main melody. Also play around with the rhythm with these, you can get some really funky stuff going.

Hope I could help...gotta love language barriers
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But this triads work for notes around the 12, and 14 fret?

We really need to make some demos like some paramore songs