Can someone give me some techniques or info on how to improve my barre chord transitions i can play alot of barre chords now but my changes can be messy at times like Cm to F or Bm to Gm any tips or exercises for me to practice Thank You People
Personally i would just keep practicing songs with barre chords (which is aloooooot of songs), and eventually it will come natural. Form the shape with your fingers before you get the the chord i guess
You could try playing the chords in different positions, for example playing the F chord at the 8th fret on the A string doesn't require sliding up or down the fretboard. Try and use the A string barre chords when possible...

If thats an answer you didnt want to see i apologize and must say the only other way is practice!
One "trick" is to play simpler chord voicings, so you rarely need to fret and play all six strings at the same time. I often play a minor 7 in place of an "A shape" minor chord, so for example, instead of this:

I will just play this one:

Or instead of this "E shape" G minor chord:

I will just play this G minor 7 one:

If you're wondering what all these "A shape" and "E shape" things are, check out the CAGED system articles on my website: http://tinderwet.com/music_creation.htm
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I found that playing songs where I have to slide the barre chord helped me to keep the fingering 'solid' then found it relativly easy to refinger from say an F shape to a Cm or Bm shape while sliding. It then was really easy to get the hang of the changes in fixed position.
It does make it a hell of a lot easier if you learn the open E chord with non standard fingering I have a pic of how I do it hope it helps


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