So, listen to mah song. It's the first one in my profile. I'll be sure to crit back if I have the time.

Vocals are coming (maybe)
I live near Lake Bodom WORSHIP MEEEEEEE

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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.
Distorted guitars sound a bit distant, but I like the riffs. Needs some electric bass & vocals. Drums are good. At ~3:45, the change was surprising, but good! Sounds good so far, but doesn't sound like a complete song for me (mostly during the first half). Lead guitar, actually all guitar playing is good. Please review my music at this link:

Listening as I type

I'm digging it, love the tone and driving feel.

The lead riff that starts at 1:40 is awesome, but I think it draws out far to long, and then when the drums change up at 2:40 or so it doesn't really seem to snyc up well at all. The first drum track was perfect for it though sounded great.

I love the clean breakdown. That's my kind of stuff man. Then when the drums and the distorted background kicked in, very atmospheric.

I knew a solo was coming

The solo was a perfect fit. One thing I suggest is pumping up the volume of the solo guitar a tad bit, it was kind of drowned out.

Great track altogether, I will check out some more of your stuff. I enjoyed that song for sure.