Hello all, I am a complete beginner and have been reading reviews of my guitar and see people referring to 'action' and have no idea what that is....would someone please explain to silly lil ole me? please x
Action is essentially string height off the fretboard
Low action has low string height = very to play fast
high action = opposite
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Action is how far away the strings are from the frets. Too high and the guitar becomes hard to play, too low and you risk fret buzz. It's often difficult to adjust on an acoustic though.
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Action is basically the height of the strings from the fretboard.

If its low action, it means the strings are closer to the fretboard, making it easier to play faster songs, because you don't need to press as hard.

High action is where the strings are further away from the fretboard, but allows for slower, more expressive playing, using bends etc.
Basically, action is the distance between your strings and the fretboard. It is completely adjustable on all guitars by manipulating the heights of your bridge and in some cases the nut if needed.
Note that "setting up" a guitar's action is pretty much dependent on the player. Beginners will often benefit from a lower action as the guitar is generally easier to play.
However, really energetic players who do hard strumming may find such a guitar buzzes unacceptably.
Bluegrass players, who both play hard and need a lot of volume to cut through all those other loud instruments, often prefer a higher action and are willing to work harder....
IMHO, it also might apply to feel of the fretboard, string type and winding, width and slipperiness of the neck and just how well it plays. An over-all feel, if you will. String height is only one thing affecting playability.
Perhaps string height is used mostly due to it being the only of the above that is measurable?