Hey everyone!

My band's name is NEVEREADY (we purposely spell it in all capitals, it seems to grab more attention). We've been a band for about 1.5 years. Our music is a fusion of elements from Ska, Funk, Rock, and Hip-Hop.

We have just finished our first EP, and released one song on the internet so people can decide if they want to buy the whole thing or not. So, without further adoo,


CAN YOU DIG IT??? (By the way, KB Da Kid is my rapper friend. We met in autoshop when we discovered we both had an "F", and the teacher said if we wrote a song about autoshop and he liked it, we would both receive an "A". I played bass, he rapped and the rest is history.)

We are all ages 17-19. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If you liked it, consider checking out our Facebook page and "liking" it
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