Let me address this first: yes, this is my final for English class. I tried making a would-be music score/soundtrack for a book I read (A Thousand Splendid Suns if your interested).

Basically, I have what would be multiple tracks on my file. I wasn't trying to make it as good as I would attempt in reality since I had a deadline (5 hours of nothing but this!). I'm not making any alterations to it since this isn't really a major personal project of mine; but I would like some critique on my techniques and how I set it up. What I'd like to know is what should've worked on to make the pieces more interesting.

The book is based in Afghanistan, so I added a sitar in and really that's all the culture I could add. And I don't know if "Music soundtrack" counts as a genre but that's the only way I can describe it.

Each snippet is separated by two measures and a flag. And yes, they are suppose to be short; just so you know.

Oh, and C4C if you ask. (just give me a link and I'll try my best)
A Thousand Splendid Suns (English Final Project).gp5
Hmm interesting, Ive never really seen something like this on this site before. Also, most movie soundtracks I think of are just strings, so this looks a bit different. Childhood was really nice, it does sound like movie theme, but movie themes arent usually on guitar, so that was nice. The piano part was nice, but I think that you should've had more treble parts (like right handed parts), like in bar 16, maybe have something there. At bar 29, I think that the song really needs something else. I think a cymbal crash would sound good, and a much higher, warmer strings part. Try having a string ensemble come in.

War and Separation sounds like it'd fit really nicely. Its pretty dark sounding. I think that something you could have done is to include maybe a snare doing some rhythms, almost like marching beats. If not that, maybe a timpani doing some rhythms. That couldve made it sound sweet. The next bit (at bar 79) was good too, but the strings track should've been a little bigger and spanned maybe another octave or two. The piano melody was great. Again, I could see timpani coming in and sounding good at around bar 111. Also, another instrument of any type added in would be sweet, like maybe that FX 4 track you have.

Rebirth wasnt quite as interesting as the others. It got interesting once that high violin melody came in. Before that, I think you need more strings behind it, try adding a string ensemble. The last 12 bars or so sounded a little weird, but I really think its just the MIDI and that itd sound a lot better on real isntruments.

Reunion was nice, Im glad you brought back that original theme. In fact, i think that you shouldve done that a little more. You could use the same themes at times and just change the mood/sound. That'd make it feel a little more connected. I liked the addition of that violin part though. I didnt like the violin from 225 on though, maybe thats just the MIDI. But the last two bars of the violin track were great. Nice strong ending too.

Overall, it was pretty good. I enjoyed the first and last ones the best, they kinda tied everything together. To improve, what you have doesn't really need to be changed at all. However, some additions could help a lot. Again, you didn't have any percussion, so some light percussion could help a lot too (snare or timpani). Also, the MIDI makes it sound a lot worse than it probably is, mainly on that violin. Im sure that this could pass for a legitimate film score if touched a little bit. Good job!

Could you C4C this? I know it may not be your taste, but Im trying to get as many different opinions on my stuff as possible.
Thank you very much Mustard.

I'd agree with you on just about everything you said. I really made all of this earlier today in like 5 hours and it was my first time writing anything like this so your critique is very helpful for future ideas.

There were parts where I did want to add other stuff as well, like in War and Separation I wanted to add marching sound effects and maybe a whistling rocket at the end; but I never thought of using the snare (that probably shouldve gone through my head before the rocket idea).

I understand that I should've brought the main theme a little more in all the "scores" but like I said, I was just cranking this stuff out of my head and just went with the feeling (sort of started running out of juice by the time I started writing Rebirth). As for percussion, I still need to learn a lot about it; even for this; but your right about it being a good addition for some of the scores.

As for my critique on your songs: unfortunately (for me) you have a lot of stuff and it's already getting late for me here. I will be working on your critique when I can and I'll post it on your thread. From what I've heard so far; it's quite good and I look forward to listening all of your songs.