Not the bone, but the wiring

I have been playing for 6 years and haven't used my pinky on much except chords. Because of this, my pinky doesn't seem to move as "fluid" as the other three fingers and even feels like it locks up in a way. Should I see a doctor? Will my pinky ever work?
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Of course it won't what are you, an idiot? Everyone knows that if you don't play with you pinky the other 3 fingers will suck the life force out of it as they get stronger, eventually morphing your pinky into a pathetic slab of charred skin that's useless and frail before ultimately falling off causing all that life force to seep through the hole. The rest or your hand will soon follow the same fate.

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Just use your pinky more :P Unless you have used it before it vill be in the same state as a non guitar players finger.
It's a muscle, you don't use it and it won't get strong and when you do use it, it might cramp up. Just practice using it, strength exercises etc.
Hahaha please dont go to a doctor for this. It's just cause you havent practiced with it. practice some scales that include your pinky. it'll get faster soon