Nice man

You have great timing. I have never been able to sing while I played (of course, I can't sing when I'm not playing so I guess it's a moot point :p )

Keep practicing and working your voice as well as your playing. You can only get better and better from here on out!

One suggestion is, during the refrain before the "70 years come and gone" I would have liked to see some sort of little solo, or melody, or something, to make the song your own.

That would be a big step up for you, to start throwing some nice little licks in here and there.

Keep on truckin man
Thanks guys I've been working on a solo to put in. I'd love to record this and add in drums, bass, slide guitar, banjo, mandolin, and Irish fiddles.
I really like your lyrics. I favor lyrics based work. Keep on that path.

But I have to honest. Your singing sucks. On the brightside I think you have nice potential there cause you have character to your words. But in terms of hitting the notes, it's just bad. I think it'd sound real good with work in that area though. In terms of songwriting this is real solid

I'd add some kind of extra instrumental verse or something in there to mix it up. Don't need a chorus but something to break up the verses

I listened to your Blue Tigers song. I prefer that one. Good guitar and you hit the notes in that one.

I subscribed, I try to have as many acoustic songwriters as I can subscribed on my thing

Mine?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1448269
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