OK, so I know not to mix active and passive pickups and blah,blah,blah. But i am buying an Epiphone G1275, and I was thinking of putting Active EMG 81/85's on the 6 string part of the body, and on the 12 string, a passive Seymour Duncan Pearly Gate in the neck, and a passive 57 classic in the bridge. would that work, or will it mess up the sound since its a mix.
Judging from the picture of it, it only has one set of controls for both pickup setsand one output jack correct?

Well, If it were me, I would add a switch to before the jack(which you'd have to switch to a stereo jack for the actives) switching the output from each pickup set, then instead of 2 vol 2 tone shared, have one vol/tone for each neck, 25k pots for the active and 500k for the passive. Seems doable to me, correct me if I'm wrong anyone.

Edit: Looks like there is a thrid switch to switch between each set of pickups already. You'd still have to rewire it though.
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