Now this is an age old question, but no one has really answered it. I've seen it countless times on different forums with answers ranging from "only a little", to "not at all", to "my friend has been hospitalized from doing it every once in a while". Also, I'm not referring to inhale screaming, I'm talking about inhale pig squeals or "bree-brees" (lol). And please, don't waste time by telling me "inhales are lame".
This will get locked try the screaming/growling thread.

However, I know few people that still use inhales because they hurt themselves. It may very well be that every time you do an inhale you run the risk of permanently damaging yourself. I truly don't know.

Its really hard to just say "yes this will absolutely hurt you" when each person is different and each voice can withstand differing amounts of abuse.
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Yes and No. Technically inhales and exhales CAN both damage your vocals.
It's a matter of technique, the individual, how much you exert yourself, etc etc etc.
Personally, I do exhales and inhales, and have been doing so for about 4 years, and before that I did exhales for 6 years. and other than the occasional "sore throat" here and there from overexertion. My voice is fine.