great song choice

was pretty dam good for the equipment you had, wonder what you could do if you had better grade stuff
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thanks man we're considering rerecording it with our own amps and pedalboards
you seriously just reminded me how much I love that song

I liked the tones you guys got out, considering the gear. There are a couple of minor timing issues towards the start, but it tidies up very quickly. It would've been nice if you had lashed out a bit more in the solos, really aim to put some more passion/pain into them since its that sort of song. And there was one note in the main riff that sounded a bit out. But it did sound really good, you guys nailed the slow dancing vibe, i'm just nitpicking.

you actually inspired me to record a version of my own, check it out if you get a chance.


and i did an acoustic cover of Radiohead's - Motion Picture Soundtrack here, I'd really appreciate some more feedback on that one,


cheers man, keep up the good stuff.
Was pretty good, lead playing was a bit stuttery, if it had a better flow it would be great.

Good job though
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