I've been playing electric for a while and I want an acoustic now. Not looking for anything expensive, just something in the $300 range that will be good for taking to the beach and jamming with other people this summer etc. If it's an acoustic electric that would be real nice (I don't know how good they would be in that price range though?) One problem I have is that most of the acoustics I've tried seem to big and really awkward, I'm a small girl so I'm really looking for a small guitar (not a 3/4 scale, just a smaller body). I don't even like playing bigger bodied electrics haha. Any good recommendations on something that would be good for me? Thanks in advance.
Yamaha APX 500. I got one to transition from electric and it's perfect for that. I've recommended it to a couple friends too and they all love theirs.

Be warned: If you want to get the blue finish, it's actually pretty much green.
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i prefer the fender tim armstrong hellcat to the yamaha apx series - the hellcat has better presence and clearer tone. it sounds surprisingly good for a guitar that thin and it's acoustic electric. you might also want to check out the yamaha fs720s. the catch with it is that it comes with yamaha strings, and imo they don't sound too good, so it's hard to get a clear idea of how good the fg guitars can sound with those strings on. last, you might want to check out the art & lutherie ami. it's a parlor sized guitar, good volume for its size. i prefer the sound of the hellcat to the ami, but lots of people prefer the ami. nice little guitar.

there's always the little martin and the laguna ld1 if you're looking for a 3/4 dread, which are smaller guitars but big enough for a full sized adult - there's also the wechter travel elite - i prefer the travel elite mahogany myself. they are also 3/4 dreads but they're acoustic electric with a gloss finish.
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