My band had a decent PA system for indoor gigs, but now we're getting into some outdoor gigs. And the one we have just wont cut it in terms of volume. One reason is that we've never had to mic up drums. So we are starting to build our larger sound system piece by piece. We started with buying speaker cabs. We got 2 JBL JRX 100s. Thier max wattage is 2000 watts but it says the reccomended power amplifier output is 500 to 1000 @ 4 ohms. So what im asking you guys is if you could recommend me some gear. I know were going to need a mixer, power amps (don't know if we'll need 1 or 2) and maybe a subwoofer. We really have pretty much everything else in terms of mics and cables. Im want to spend the lowest amount possible (naturally) but i don't want to cut short on build and sound quality. So im willing to spend some cash but were not some big band so we dont need awesome stuff. Just some good, reasoble priced stuff that sounds good. Im kinda stuck here so any help is appreciated.
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