I've been looking to get a decent classical guitar around 600-700 dollars since I've been picking up on classical music much more, but am not sure exactly what to look for since I normally play electric.

Are there any recommendations on guitars that are great in that price range? I'm wary of going to guitar center because I feel that no one there will know anything about any classical guitars they have.

also, I've been looking on craigslist and found two possibilities

I know cordoba is a more well known brand, but them being factory made I'm sure I can find a better deal

This is a local luthier, obviously the return value isn't great because he wouldn't be a reputable luthier, but I'm thinking it could be great quality due to being handmade which might make it a great guitar to get

any opinions on those?
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I was going to recommend Cordoba as a good overall guitar to learn on and grow into. Check them both out though. Classical guitars are a bit more picky than electrics or steel string acoustics.