hey bass forum, i was wondering if y'all knew some metal bands/songs (preferably on the death, thrash, and prog sides but i'll take whatever) that have slap lines in them.

i know opeth does here and there, but i don't know which songs.
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Lots of nu-metal does.
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There's not a whole lot of bands that do it and do it well, as rev said mudvayne bass player does a great job.. check out some clips of him live and he goes off.

If anyone says fieldy .... - He did what he did and did well suited to his band with it but please god let his style die with him
Mudvayne is prime slap material, especially on LD.50 (their ONLY album in my opinion )

Also, as far as death goes, I think Beneath the Massacre has slap in it.
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my suggestion last time was faith no more
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