I've got most of the money to fund my new tube amp so now I'm looking for a 12 string that I could use to write music for my band and also to play some Beatles, REM, The Who and Tom Petty. I've noticed that Agile has two 12 strings, a Les Paul one and an ES 335 one. Which would you suggest for me? Also are there any other 12 strings in that price range you could recommend? I want an electric because I play punk, indie and classic rock so don't suggest any acoustics.
Have you played a hollowbody? A LP?

Which do you prefer as far as body style goes? The LP will give you a chunkier sound regardless, but thats a given.

My things:
Bowes SLx7
Washburn WG587
Washburn X40Pro
Washburn X50
Washburn HM24
Washburn WR150
Laguna LE200s
Arietta Acoustic
First Act
Valveking 112
VHT Deliverance

I haven't played either, I'm more of a fender guy so Im not sure which I prefer. I'm just wondering which one would get me the sound I'm looking for. If they will sound similar though I'll probably get the les Paul since it's cheaper (I don't want to spend too much on my first 12 string because I'm not sure how I'll like it yet) and I prefer how it looks.
Extended Range Guitar. I figured since Agile makes 7, 8 and 9 string guitars, I sort of forgot that 12 string octave guitars already exist and assumed it was a guitar and bass in one.
The bands you mentioned used Rickenbacker hollowbodies, so you want the hollowbody.
If you want something close to a rick, maybe you should wait for the Harm 12 strings to come back into stock.