I now am in the market for a nice tube head, i have been looking around a lot and i think i will get the orange ppc212 cabinet, *2 12 inch v-30's* but i am still a bit hesitant about the head; i was really considering a tiny terror with a maxon od808, any comments? i am after a nice creamy buttery tone, and a good metal tone if needed; i really would like a lower wattage so bedroom is possible with decent tone without having to get an attenuator; i had made the mistake of buying the line 6 stack and now after hearing these i am going crazy with the horrible tone of the spider IV; i want the 2x12 cab because a 4x12 becomes a huge pain to carry around, money isn't really an issue, but i really don't want to spend more than 600 or so on the head, but then again maybe i need to suck it up and quit being so cheap! ha well thanks guys!

Budget? - What is practical for you and what is your limit?

Genres? - What style do you play mostly, fav guitarists, do you need cleans, etc?

New or Used? - Lots of great amps out there used, especially in a down economy.

Home or Gig? - Also important. Maybe you do both. Jamming with a drummer can be considered 'gigging' but you won't have a PA etc.

Closest City? - We aren't here to stalk you but we need to know where you are in the world roughly and we can help further if we know what city you are in (ie craigslist, local shops, Guitar Center used section, etc)

Current Gear? - Also good for us to know.
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budget, i would really like to keep it at 6, but i would rather save longer and get a better head, than settling for less, i am only 17 but have a decent job and hopefully getting quite a bit out of my old amp and birthday coming up

genres? i used to be a huge metalcore, as i lay dying, august burns red, etc. but i have really been learning and starting to love a lot of Gary moore, petrucci, and just a nice butter sound. sorry that doesn't really narrow it down;

home or Gig, i do both, but i can mic my cab at church so wattage really isn't a huge issue, and i love to play around at home,

and my closest city is probably terre haute, IN......(but i literally live and go to school in a cornfield* so online purchases are really awesome if possible,

and i'm not really against used, but i really want to indulge a bit on my first tube and get it all new if possible, but kind of like the first thing if it's the same for a better used head than a new not so great one, i'll get the used!

thanks again
and guitar wise i have an old slammer hamer explorer, i've had better more expensive ones, but that one just feels right to me