Budget: $700

I mostly play progressive rock/metal.(Coheed and Cambria, Protest The Hero, Periphery)

I practice with a band, and may be gigging.

So far I'm already choosing between the Mesa DC3, Peavey XXX, Carvin V3, and Mesa Nomad 55. I can't really go over my budget at all, and in fact would like to stay around $600 because I still need a cab.(No I'm not going to buy a $100 cab, I have more cash saved up.)

I can't really try any of these out, I'm ordering them off ebay and can't find any near me(Except maybe a V3 at my nearest GC).

Any input would be great. I think I'm leaning towards the V3 so far, based on what I've seen through youtube videos and such.
My rule of thumb is if you can afford Carvin then get a Carvin. The peavey wouldn't be bad for what you're doing though. I'd go Mesa DC3 before nomad though.
Have you considered a Mesa Studio .22+ combo? It seems like it would be awesome for what you're describing. Maybe even the Subway Rocket.

Of those choices, I'd personally get the Mesa DC3, but be warned--what you hear in demos is not the best tone a XXX will do. I've got one and hated it until I tried turning the Ultra channel EQ all the way down. That improves the sound immensely--turn everything down all the way, then bring up the mids until it starts sounding thick and crunchy. So if you think, based on demos, that the XXX is close to the others, keep in mind how much better it can be made to sound.
Carvin X100B
Carvin V3
Peavy XXL
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Personally I'd go for the V3 out of those. The XXX and DC3 would also work well.

I play a lot of the same music as you (Coheed and PTH are my two favorite bands) and was in a similar position (choosing between a Carvin V3m, Peavey JSX and a couple others). I ended up going with the Carvin, and it should be here in a few days. Like I said before, though, I don't think you could make a bad choice here.