I have an Epiphone G-400 that I bought used off Ebay 1.5 years ago for about $275. Lately, the guitar fell of the stand and the head and neck completely broke apart, but I fixed it with Gorilla Glue (yes, Gorilla Glue ). Now, my bridge pickup has gone down the toilet and I can't tell whether or not to upgrade to some Seymour Duncans, or buy a brand new guitar since this one is quite beat up. P.S. My budget is about $700 for a new guitar. I play anything from Zeppelin to Underoath.
New guitar. That guitar sounds like a nightmare
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Buy a new guitar definitely, I'm not too sure what you should get instead, but a new guitar would definitely be better in the long run. Perhaps an Epiphone Prophecy SG? Or take a look at other Epiphone guitars, good luck mate.
Damn. Yeah, I'm gonna jump in with these other two and say definitely a new guitar. You might end up spending more than half the cost of the instrument on a professional repair. Might be time to upgrade

EDIT: Didn't see the budget before. Epiphone LP Studio is my vote. That's a hell of a guitar.
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Well, if you like the SG, you should probably look at either a higher-end Epiphone SG or a Gibson SG standard, or maybe the Viper series from LTD/ESP.

Or, just go to a guitar store, play lots of guitars in your budget, and then go home with the one you like the most.
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new guitar, hands down.

theres really no sense in trying to fix a guitar that has multiple, serious problems. its easier and smarter to just start anew
In this particular case, you'd be better off getting a new guitar. Your G-400 has pretty much lived its course.
As for which one, go to a guitar store near you and try out basically everything under 700 dollars.
The used market may bring up some undiscovered gems as well - if your local guitar store deals in second-hand guitars, try those out as well.
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