i am off to the pawn shop tomarow because the last amp they sold me craped out. i cant afford a new amp so im wondering what to look for in an amp to make sure it will be a little reliable or just what to look for when buying an amp? please help thanks
The obvious stuff, first-off. Speaker blown/input jacks finnicky, etc. If it's a tube amp, see if you can check the tubes in it, or at least be able to look at them. Basically anything you can think of where you could see it breaking, within what is possible of course.
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"Things to look for in an amp" TUBES!

That being said, I'd ask, why would you ever buy anything at a pawn shop? And HELL YES I'm serious! I've yet to see anything at a pawn shop that was a better value than ANYTHING at the local GC. And if the pawn shops around you are half way as accomodating as a GC, then by all means go there. (yes I really hate pawn shops). And chances are, the items at a music store have already been given a serious once over by someone that at least has a clue. At the pawn shop??? And GC's will let you go crazy checking it out. Try that at a pawn shop. I mean try hooking up a guitar and cranking the volume. ROFL And at a GC, there's a 30 day guarantee. A pawn shop may claim the same, but most around here wont have another item to replace a bad one. And most here try that BS game of saying they guarantee it, but returns for store credit only [/anti pawn shop rant]

Now, other than looking for tubes, make sure the tubes aren't near death. They can cost upwards to $400.00 a set (around here). If they are near death, make sure that's considered in the price. Look for obvious neglect or abuse. When testing it with a guitar, check connections (look for bad jacks). Make sure all features work. Check all channels. Listen for excess noise.............

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but that all depends on the amp too. Even Marshall makes some crap. My best suggestion, don't get in too big of a hurry, and spend some time here reading the threads about amps. Good luck.
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Do you have internet on your phone? If so, take some photos while you're there, post them here and go have a coffee.
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