I've been having trouble finding transitions I like between the parts in this track I'm writing. Can somebody take a look at what I have done and possibly suggest some ideas?

(The file is called Pirate Riff because I thought the main theme/intro riff sounded pirate-y at first)
Pirate Riff.gp5
I think your transitions sound fine but they just come all of a sudden. What you might want to try is just do a SLOWER BUILDUP... What i mean by this, is that first of all, you should try to reach the climax near 2/3-3/4 of the song instead of giving it all so soon... For the transitions, I would personally just leave some space between you parts by e.g.
- using a long bass note, and make it kind of fade out
- using a really badass 'tension' note that leads to your next chord (often V-I)
- instead of using a bass note, you could do a 'squealy' or a really high note

This can be accompanied by a drum fill. It is up to you to decide.

Other than that, you've made a good base, i guess this song is nearly finished?

You should give your audience those few seconds in which they can wonder: 'What will be next?'

Tip: for getting an extra climax when you're maxed out on distortion and drums, you can use high notes.

Hope this helped!
Liked the chorus too, mainly because of the timing!

For the transition to the chorus I suggest you extend it with a few bars. For example: after the sixteenth notes just a D# with a drumfill. Though your chorus starts with a D# so if you don't like that try thinking a short riff that takes you to A# (V) or C# (VII).
The other transitions I didn't mind.

One last hint: don't let the drums follow the accents of your guitar (particularly your chorus). Keeping the drum strait to the beat mostly sounds nice. Just try it
i think that the transition labelled at measure 57 to the chorus is unnecessary. Unless you have lyrics planned for it I would just go straight from verse to chorus at that point