Up for sale I have a Dr. Scientist Woofer Wailer(analog distortion), which is no longer available from Dr. Scientist.

Woofer Wailers rock - around all clocks - but while doing so they only require a space of 6cm (2.4") wide by 11cm (4.3") long by 5cm (2") tall, depending on the knobs. You'd think the collected rock tones from 3 decades worth of awesome rock AND roll would weigh more than a pound... but you'd be wrong, it actually weighs less than a pound.

In order to rock and then roll one needs a fuel source, usually something complicated, expensive, and rare... like chicken wings and beer. Woofer Wailers require only regulated 9VDC using the standard BOSS style 2.1mm center negative plug or a 9Volt battery... they like that other stuff too, though, if you have extra.

Woofer Wailers are true bypass, are truly here to rock - this place, your face, every race, outer space - and are truly hand finished and assembled. "

Never left my house and only lightly used. Color number is #51. Comes in original box.