Hey guys,

I think I found out what sound I want to be my own but I dont know how to achieve it.
What im looking for is kinda like a really good chunky tone that does real good palm mutes, with lots of attack like a marshall and if you want an example of what I mean listen to metallicas for whom the bell tolls, thats real chunky palm muting.
As well with the plam muting for rythem I need a good lead tone but a really smooth one like the intro to fade to black and another brick in the wall solo well what i mean is like a good over the horizen, not to gainy tone that will stand out good.
If you have any ideas or sugestion please comment, thanks
On the black album Metallica put down like 7 tracks of the same guitar to get that chunky sound.
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier?
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yeah your looking for a Mesa Dual Recto. You can pick up a used one for around $1200