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I learnt off this site. There are plenty of lessons (not You tube) on UG just try the search if having dramas, mind you it was 5 years ago I started.

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and Guitarjamz.com with Marty Schwartz. You have to pay for his lessons but he also has hundreds of free song lessons on Youtube. His YT song lessons are superb.
I tried the marty shwartz ones first..

OHMYGOD is all I have to say.
Im contempalting on moving to cali where he can teach me in person ahha
Marty is the best. Justinguitar is good too. There is also a UK site called


They have a bunch of video lessons, but they stopped after intermediate lessons. Still there are some good things on there. Good luck
It is partially about personal preference. Marty is the best for me. His stuff, especially the Youtube videos are geared towards beginners. His videos are very thorough. He takes the time to show you how to play the chords and goes over the strumming patterns, (dd udu udu, blah blah blah) which is often taken for granted by others. More than anything else, I think he makes it fun! As long as you can tolerate his sales oriented approach, he is great. I can deal with the sales pitches because I know that in exchange, he is giving us some great stuff.