Any of you UG amp wizards forsee problems using an acoustic bass amp in a reg amp role??

I took advantage of the sale at GC yesterday and picked up a pile o'gear. Was looking at acoustic amps for the acoustic guitars and the Peavey w/piezos AND the ability to use as a vocal amp. Took the Peavey along this time and played thru a buncha amps on display. Marshall, Fender, Fishmann, Behrenger (?) and another or two. THe "Acoustic" brand seemed to be the most prevalent. I didn't want a lot of bells and whistles to deal with. Lastly, saw a lonely "bass" acoustic amp w/ no excess digital frills.

Wonder what THAT will sound like??

I was stunned that it actually removed a lot of the overdriven bass string sound I got from the equivalent "guitar" amp! Quite annoying to be fingering along and have this wild BOOM when thumbing the low E or A string. Seriously! The sound was brighter and I believe a bit clearer on the AB-50 than the AG-60 next to it.

Next, got a demo mic and wired it up. Sounded same as other amp! Good enuff!

50 watts, 10" woof and 2" tweet, angle face cab and two 1/4" or XLR combination inputs. Multi-use and all the power I'll ever need! Nuthin' wrong with that !

Reg. MSRP of $399.99. Normal GC price of $199 and I got out the door for $149 plus tax. That was just the amp....the Lexicon Alpha interface, cabling, mic stand and EV CO9 were additional...dammit!

I wouldn't worry about playing a guitar with a bass amp. People have done it for years. I mean, Fender wasn't outright confused when they put out the Bassman.


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