hi .... along time ago I had this thought of building a guitar competely by myself.
But, I have a hugh budget problem. My plan is to buy the necessary tools and work on extremly fake wood such as plywood.
Is that a good plan?
I mean... will get killed by chunks of compressed wood or something?
what do you think?

Practice is good !

Trying to practice on a different type of product is not as good.
Perfecting skilz is what it's about. Yer not going to gain applicable experience with grain, planing, chisel work, routing, carving, sanding or finishing by using plywood. You *may* learn better/new techniques using a band-saw and a belt sander that might be worthwhile. Otherwise, yer talkin' apples and oranges.
Specific, instrument grade laminates might be close. Cabinet grade, solid core ply would be less desireable (for practice!) and construction grade would be damm'd near impossible and a useless endeavour.

Find a construction site where they are building new houses.
You will find shitloads of plywood that they are throwing away, but that's not what you want.
Look for the solid wood. Its not real likely that the wood you find will be a perfect match to to typical guitar body wood, but you may get lucky.
You can find loads of scrap that you can practice on.
A lot of lumber yards also have their scrap piles with all sorts of different woods that may be closer to what you want.

It may not be the ideal way to learn, but its cheap and may help you to learn how to work with wood.
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Tonssssss of practice and budget models are made from plywood. There's a guy on TDPRI who made a chipboard tele in sunburst looks and sounds cool. It won't be the same as working on real wood, but to make a guitar is still fun, and routing and shaping will be similar.

As for tone, it depends, lot's of people will say plywood is terrible and never correct, but then lots of artists, jack white, Dan auerbach, kurt cobain etc, have all used plywood guitars, danelectros are masonite, and airline guitars are fiberglass. I don't recognize any tonal benefit or negative from different materials, but if you do, I suggest you understand there is no right or wrong tone.
there is a tonal difference, and just because theres some guitars made of ply, doesnt mean its good. i mean, kurt cobain was never really known for a brilliant guitar.

anyway, as the others have said, there are alternatives. i'd say use pine, because its just as cheap, its abundantly available and in the end you'll end up with a better guitar.
pine guitar exhibit A.
so yeah, as someone else said, poplar and basswood are also cheap, but i dont know how cheap as i dont see alot of it in australia. but yeah, you can usually find cheap wood in lumber yards where you find it just as slabs and big pieces that need dressing. the wood that people sell as "guitar blanks" is really just a way to add money onto a piece of wood.
To go in to construction site in Israel is kinda crazy.... but I think there is a good chance of finding pine or even maple if I'm rly lucky and the other guy is an ass...
I found a good piece of unknowen tree (a trunk) that looks dry
what are the chances that I can work with it?
and askrere? you think plywood could make a good tune.....are you deaf?