So I have a Stagg L350 Les Paul which has a finished hard maple set neck.
What is the easiest way to clean off finger marks from the glossy finish?


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wipe it down with a lint free cloth. if you want to restore some shiny-ness, invest in some guitar polish. i have some gibson polish i use on my black acoustic, and that stuff makes it shine like new. if you want crud off the neck, a cloth is your best bet. its going to get covered in fingerprints anyway, seeing as you use your fingers to play, so i don't see too much point in getting it perfectly clean anyway.
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What he said, also don't make two threads in less than 30 minutes, just incorporate both questions in one.
yea dont use an alchohol wipe... it will dry out the wood...
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It probably has a polyurethane coating so you should be able to use just about anything to clean it. I use the gibson pump polish too. Works nice for cleaning off finger goo.
The Ernie Ball polish works well for me and comes with a nice big lint-free cloth. $5 on Amazon or Musician's Friend.