Right so alot of UG'ers have been giving the MG100hdfx alot of stick, but im going to get it, due to the amount of money i have its probably the best i can get. for the price of it, it cant be beaten.

my influences:

-avenged sevenfold
-iron maiden

anyone any positive things to say about the amp?

"I've already made this decision, can anyone justify it for me?"

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Unless its electronic drums.

Dude, it works great as a white noise generator... Or a poster weight. Or you can do curls with it and work on your arms!
*yawn* Budget, Genres, New or Used, Home or Gig, Closest City, Current Gear?
tubetime86 i read your "gear" list and my heart was instantly filled with pity
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Are you also going to call it another lonely day?


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