Lets say that I won some sort of contest where I got $2500 to spend on one guitar or one guitar and one amp. And lets say that I already have a Fender standard strat mia. What should I get? I have to spend all the money and I can't but used gear. Some of my favorite guitarists are Eddie Hazel, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Jason Becker, Frank Zappa, Dick Dale, Adrian Smith, Keith Richards, and Jack White.
Well, get a nice 500-800$ guitar and spend the rest on an amp. Guitars for 2500$ are not really worth it unless you are pro. So I would definetly go for amp and guitar.

A Cornford Roadhouse 30 is a brilliant amp.
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a nice amp, maybe a humbucker guitar, and some effect pedal, or some top end multifx like line6 m13
Wait, is this hypothetical or real? If its real, congrats on winning the contest. Personally if I had that cash, I'd go for a JCM 800 or some type of Mesa, but I'm not sure if thats up your alley. Don't waste the money on any pedals, and DO NOT, for the love of God, buy a solid state amp, or anything with digital effects on it. TUBE, TUBE, TUBE. You'd still have some money left over from the amp so, I dunno, get a decent guitar.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

buy like 4 marshall MG stacks and like 10 squire strats
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buy like 4 marshall MG stacks and like 10 squire strats

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cheap les paul?
if you really like jimmy anyway
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I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and love it. Check out the video in my sig to see/hear it. Buy one of them and you'd have about $1000 leftover to buy a Marshall amp too!
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really depends on your gear. if you already hav a nice rig you might want a single guitar. for me personally, i would choose a guitar and amp. i wuld love to blow about 1000-1500 on a guitar and possibly 1000-1500 on a really nice semi boutique amp depending on how you want to split up the money.

amp is probably the biggest choice, since amp can DRAMATICALLY change your setup. hoe many channels, gain, size, quality. it can highly influence your pedalboard.

for eample, ive lately been dreaming of a high end boutique single channel amp about 30 watts like a dr Z or something. something loud, but still quiet, still able to overdrive it, and with great response. that would completely change my pedals, since i would probably be investing in high end OD pedals than crunch and distortions to get my sound or dirty and so on. or multiple ODs like a tubescreamer and an OCD together to push the amp into overdrive/full out distortion naturally rather than using cheapo distortion pedals (by that i mean in the 100-200 range....no z vex or anything).

then using no pedals for clean and use guitar volume to add bluesy grit. stuff like that. or if you get a 3 channel amp than can do anything like a carvin v3 for example, well hell, you really need no gain pedals at all if you liek your tone.
find a good used les paul standard or traditional, depending on year. should be $1300-1500.

find an old champ 5 wattr. blackface or silverface. should be less than $400 easily.

spend the remaining $600-800 on your favorite well built marshall clone that someone bought for lots and is dumping cheap.

just a thought.