Ok, I want an Iron Maiden type sound, so im thinking of replacing my INF 4, S3 and 3 pickups for DiMarzio pickups. What ones should I get? Or should I get DiMarzio's at all. I'm using an Ibanez which is like Adrian smiths Jackson more than anyone elses in the band.

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Super Distortion or a Breed in the bridge - depends how thick and chunky you want the sound.

Have a listen to the amp clips in my profile, that's a Breed-equipped guitar, albeit a mahogany one.
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Dave used a Super Distortion in the bridge, a vitage Fender in the middle and a PAF in the neck of his black stratocaster he used in the 80's as his main guitar.
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Adrian Smith pups:
Neck: Fender SCN
Middle: Fender SCN
Bridge: DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucking Pickup

Dave Murray pups:
Neck: Dimarzio PAF DP-103
Middle: American Vintage Strat Single-Coil Pickup
Bridge: Dimarzio Super Distortion DP100

So I'd recommend a super distortion in the bridge and probs the PAF in the neck. Dave Murrays solos are usually from the neck pup whilst Smiths are usually from the bridge if it makes a difference in your decision.

Also it would help if I knew what era. The specs I listed are recent, but they used different stuff in the Blaze era for example...

Breed would also be a good choice as an alternative to the super distortion
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