I left a comment on youtube, but damn....you deserve one on here. For fans of scar symmetry....fans of shredding.....fans of metal....check this vid out cause this guy deserves some attention...35 views on youtube is unacceptable...meanwhile some 11 year old being exploited by her parents by horridly singing some friday song has 3 million views......unacceptable
That was awesome dude. Now cover The Kaleidoscopic God please.
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Wow thank you guys, it means a lot to me! Thank you for the subscribe - "tsoun-net", i commented on your post aswell.
TheNeologist i left a comment on your youtube channel, good stuff!
Azrael, the kaleidoscopic god had some cool shit in it but im focusing on new material at the moment, but maybe in the future!
Awesome cover buddy !

Pushed me to add my own on youtube.

That makes us three who covered this so far