As a response to my previous thread, I need to make a new one with more details.

I need a 4x12 Cabinet that can do the following:

1) BUDGET: I would like 400-500 but I can go to 600€

2) GENRES: It will be for Heavy Metal mostly (Death Metal, Hardcore, shit like that) but also Hard Rock. Some of my fav guitarrists are Buckethead, John Petrucci, Mike Morton... And yes, I need cleans aswell.

3) NEW OR USED: That is not a big deal. Would rather go used actually, so the speakers are broken in.

4) HOME OR GIG: Both. I also jam.

5) CLOSEST CITY: Alicante or Valencia (Spain)

6) OTHER GEAR: Gibson SG Standard, JCA50H, Boss Distortion M-2.
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i would just make a cab and stick a vintage 30 and a g12 t 75 in it. it'll save you a lot of money and you can put tolex on it if you want to make it look fancy.

other than that, i hear that avatar cabs are really nice.
^A lot goes into the dimensions and construction of a cab, I would not suggest making one without proper research. Avatar is based in the U.S... He's in Spain.

TS - Generally the best regarded cabs are Mesas, and Oranges though I personally feel its due to hype more than anything. I had an Avatar that was fantastic, but they're US based so that's not an option for you... Maybe there is a comparable local custom builder in Spain?

Edit: Also delete your other thread now... Two open threads with the same topic is a no-no.
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I've heard good things about the B-52 LS412 cab. I think its 400 watts and its pretty cheap. I havent used it but it seems decent and it has option mono or stereo i think
Find a used closed back Orange/Mesa cabinet.


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Buy a cheap Harley Benton cab and put new speakers?

Harley Benton use V30s...
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some of them do and its probably cheaper to get the ones with v30s and not get the crappier one and v30s separately, especially if you cant install them yourself