Okay so i definitely need a new guitar (i have had the same guitar for 7/8 years, its my first and only guitar). I have around £500 ($822), give or take, to play with. Mostly i play rock stuff, QotSA, Muse etc and i have recently gotten into playing slide a lot more so i am looking for something pretty versatile. I am also really into retro looking guitars too and as such i have been looking at Gretsch. They have some really nice solid bodies and the G5135 Corvette looks ok, although none of the guitar shops around me stock it so i won't really be able to play it to see what its like before buying.

So really my question is, does anyone own this and can recommend it? Or can anyone recommend any other guitar that would suit my needs? (i.e. looks good, versatile, preferably with a Bigsbsy Tremolo, humbuckers, seperate volume controls etc)

There are a couple other guitars i have seen like the G5245T: http://www.thomann.de/gb/gretsch_g5245t_electromatic_double_jet.htm
although it only has a master volume and i have heard its quite heavy,

This would be perfect but its waaayy out of my price range: http://www.thomann.de/gb/gretsch_g6128t_1962_duo_jet_bigsby_bk.htm

The hollow body G5122 seems okay too but im not sure: http://www.thomann.de/gb/gretsch_g5122_dc_blk.htm

Thanks guys :P
maybe >_>

They seem to have that vintage style down, i dunno maybe its the double cutaway that does it for me. Honestly it was just the first place i looked and i don't really know where else to look :/
Well post these details:

- Budget
- New or used
- What music you play
- Amp you're using it with

and any other relevant details.


Ibanez RG2550Z/SRX430
Alesis Core 1

I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!

Budget: as stated £500, can stretch to £600 (inc. postage)
Preferably New, would consider Used
As stated i play rock (Queens of the Stone Age, Muse etc), bit of Blues and Jazz
As for the Amp i have a Laney LX120Twin, and at uni there is a Marshall somethingorother

As i said before i love the Double Cutaway style, i want a decent tremolo system (i.e. Bigsby), i don't mind either solid body or hollow

Thanks a lot pal
it might be worth pointing out that i am using stompboxes too, i have a digitech whammy pedal, a boss overdrive/distortion pedal, a flange pedal and i'm getting a crybaby soon