Hey there,

So, with a little help from you guys, I've decided to buy a new old acoustic guitar. It's a Bloomfield BL-208 (Yeah, I've never heard of it too)
It got some scratches in the paint, but it's all superficial. Tomorrow I'm going to replace the rusty strings with some fresh ones.

So here are some pics.

And the price of all that wooden, musical piece of (neglected, somewhat damaged) craftsmanship) was €75!
It was in quite bad condition, but after a thorough wipe-down with a damp cloth, it looked quite good I reckon.

So, happy New Acoustic Guitar Day, to me
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thats pretty epic actually.

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Nice dread you got there. Was the bridge re-glued by any chance or it's just the light playing tricks at the bottom of it?
Congratulations! Finally a NGD! I thought this place had been over run by spider webs by now :p
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