Okay, Ill just give my thoughts on it I guess. Im always really glad to see some Pop-Punk on this site, so I have to listen to it. First of all, I know that it doesnt matter at all, but I think Oboe sounds better for vocals, the flute makes it seem too weird or something haha.

Anyways...the intro starts off out of nowhere really, it'd be nice to have a bar of rest there or something, but other than that I like the sudden start. One thing Ill say though is that I didn't like how the rhythm guitar was syncopated but the lead wasn't. I think that the lead guitar should change octaves on the 7th beat of the 1st and 3rd bars, just like the rhythm does. I liked the vocal line. It gets a little cluttered though, itd help if you had two tracks for it, but so what. I really like how after that short break, the vocal line comes back in playing the same thing too.

The 3/4 section came in surprisingly well, great job. It was pretty cool too! "Shred" comes in well too, but it doesn't sound it fits that much to me. Of course, this is one song; if you have other songs that have that muddy, sorta dissonant kinda sound, then it wouldn't be out of place you know? In this song, it just sounds a little out of place, especially track 1. Singy Singy was awesome, and i LOVED that vocal part. You need to continue that, make it great. Great start on that though. Nice little lead line there too, and nice variation in the drums.

The drums and bass break was good, but to be honest, the song felt ready to end when the guitars dropped out. And when they came in, it was definitely interesting, but it didn't really make the song for me. If its just instrumental like this, it didn't really work well for me. But honestly, I think it could work, what I would do to make it work would be to make a catchy vocal line come in at the bass break. Then when the guitars come in, repeat the vocal line, just with screaming. Thatd be pretty sick hahah. But yeah, I wouldn't keep it instrumental. And the fadeout actually worked pretty well here.

Overall, it was pretty damn good, one of the better songs I have heard here lately, seems like something Id be interested in hearing recorded. Ill check out your band too. As for this song, just keep it up, theres room for some minor changes but nothing big. Oh and work on those catchy vocals too.

Oh and if you dont mind, a C4C? (You dont have to crit all 20 or so)
The intro seemed really sudden to me; it feels like it'd work better with something leading into it, even if it's just something small.

The 3/4 section flowed really well; I thought it was great. However, the shred section following it didn't feel like it really contributed anything. However, I tried changing it to 3/4, and I think this worked a little better; just something to think about. Still, I see this section as a weakpoint.

I think the fade-out was a great way to end it.

Overall, this piece isn't amazing, but I think it's okay, and could be pretty good with some changes.

C4C? The link is in my sig, as "A Pain Worth Bearing;" crit as many or few as you like.