i am gonig to buy "rock guitar for dummies" dose anyone know if it is a beginers corse because i already know the basics
It'll teach you basic chord progressions and scales. Not a bad book to own.
"...for dummies"
Pardon my troll here, but isn't that self-explainatory?
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supose so has anyone herd of rock songs ror dummies?

It's a bunch of TAB. Nothing in it you can't find on this very site. Just download Power Tab (it's a freebie) and print the songs off here.
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"...for dummies"
Pardon my troll here, but isn't that self-explainatory?

I dunno man, I bought music theory for dummies and it starts off all easy and such but also goes quite in depth with alot of the stuff going above and beyond anything I will ever need. But if I do, its there and Ive read it.

I bet the rOck one, like most, will start easy and slowly progress until you can use all the common rock techniques. Then they'll jumble it all together at the end in a song or two so you can show off. :P
It's agood book....
Together with Guitar for Dummies its an interesting read with some good tips...
Not a replacement for a tutor...but its worth while.