How often do you guys have nightmares?

The last time and only time I had a nightmare, from what I can remember anyway, is when I was like 4-5 and I was lieing on the floor with slimer from ghostbusters was flying around me and I couldn't move.

Since then I've never had a bad dream and even the ones where I should be scared or unhappy I still enjoy.

So do you have nightmares or not? and if so how often?
one time i had a dream that i was in a car crash. i immediately woke up to find a man standing at the foot of my bed. he proceeded to evaporate and disappear. I proceeded to sh*t myself
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I was lieing on the floor with slimer from ghostbusters was flying around me and I couldn't move.

I had that nightmare too
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I had that nightmare too

He still gives me the heebie jeebies.

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Don't really have nightmares any more. At most I have unpleasant dreams that cause me to wake up. I remember last night I was being eaten by bees or something similar. That didn't even wake me up- but it certainly didn't make me wanna sleep in either.
Once, when I was like, 6, I dreamed of me sleeping and looking up, and this creepy woman, similar to the virgin mary was staring at me.

Shit was scary.
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I didn't have nightmares for a good.... 3 years until about a year and a half ago when I had about a time frame of 3 months with non stop nightmares. So far I've been nightmare free >.<
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I get them sometimes. I always used to have ones where zombies would attack. I guess thats what happens when a 5 year old watches his dad play resident evil
I had a nightmare and I woke up screaming, was about this girl I loved I can't remember what happened though :/
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I have nightmares pretty frequently. I sometimes partially wake up and see stuff in my room, like weird bugs and insects and stuff.
I don't usually get nightmares but I get unpleasant dreams, often bad outcomes of events occuring in my life at the time of the dream.

I remember one from perhaps 6 or 7-8 years ago where (bear with me, I was like 9) my friends and I got abducted my murderous aliens and they decided they'd turn us into dairy products then consume us.

It was scary, I can say that.
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After I saw Jurassic Park I had nightmares about being trapped in a small cottage with velociraptors outside.
I once had a nightmare, and to this date it's the only time I've ever shot bolt upright in bed, it was weird man.

I was about 10, and I was watching a lot of Discovery Channel and Harry Potter. So, I'm on this beach right, it looks like a storm just rolled in, and there's this massive Komodo Dragon chasing me. I then realise it's actually Voldemort in disguise. It suddenly morphs into a humanoid, bipedal hooded lizard and chases me down and lunges at me - then I shot upright in bed in a cold sweat.
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I don't have nightmares.

The last one I remember having, I must have been 7-8 years old, and I dreamt about the Micheal Jackson-werewolf from the thriller video and went to sleep in my parents bed.

Now I just have weird nighttime experiences, for example I dream that I'm sleeping in the middle of the road in a sleeping bag, a lorry nearly runs over me, so in my dream I jump up with the sleeping bag, and then I wake in the hall of my house with my cover over me, sweating like hell..
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After I saw Jurassic Park I had nightmares about being trapped in a small cottage with velociraptors outside.

Oh shit. I have had that dream like 5 times

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One memorable one was that I was eaten by the Blob. That freaked me out pretty bad. Most of the ones I've had, I was being eaten alive .
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My last nightmare was a while ago, and I don't even remember it. I just remember waking up covered in sweat and my heart racing scared out of my mind.
Nightmares are actually fun. They throw some excitment into my life. I usually have them twice a week or somethn.
I remember I fell asleep with my ipod on last week, and the song EXP came on from the Axis Bold as Love album by Jimi Hendrix, and I had the weirdest freakin dream about this odd looking bug-thing that was having sex with a kangaroo-looking bug, and whenever Jimi's guitar panned left or right in the song, the Bugs would jump over me and make the guitar-reminicent scream while having sex, all while looking extremely mad. The two bugs were about the size of a large TV btw.

Then when Up From the Skies came on, I woke up. I remember the dream vividly whenever I hear the song EXP now lol.
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I used to get nightmares quite often, havn't had one for about a year now though. Can't remember what the last one i had was, but between the ages 8 and 12 i had a recurring nightmare of a shadowy figure hammering nails into my window while i sleep, it was pretty messed up.
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