Well, i'll just say it, I'm a guitar noob (not to say i'm crap ) just don't know much about bridges and nuts..

Top E broke one day, got it fixed and.. well, either it was my imagination or the bridge (yes floating, sorry!) moved down towards the body on the right hand side so it's not level and doesn't bend as much as the bottom E

Trouble is I can't remember wether it was like that before :\
Anyway, I've attached pics, I just don't know if it's damaging my beautiful Ibanez :'(


all you need to do is release some tension in the spring closest to that side of the bridge
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*look at the screws - second pic higher than the third*
is it supposed to be like that? :\
Yep, looks like it's just popped out of the groove like WuGuitarist said. You just need to push the bridge down on the left hand side so the part making contact with the post clicks into the groove. Slacken your strings first though.