Wow... Just wow. You sounded big headed when i read your post but my god you are 100% right, that was just perfect. Only thing i would change is bars 9 to 15, i'd put more drums in there, just bass + toms imitating the rythem of the rythem guitar would make it sound more like a build up.

Good Job
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That was pretty sick man. I really liked just general feel of the song, nice chords and good memorable melodies. And I'm a bit of a sucker for orchestral instruments, even if it's simplistic, which it wasn't in the case which makes it even better.

The intro has a really good feel, especially when the verse kicks in at bar 9. The build up is good, the drums really help here and the lead guitar has a really cool melody. I felt the song was heading in a different direction during the pre-chorus though, like, the chorus was different to what I expected, which is alright, but I just dunno what would've been better - what I was feeling as I was listening or what it currently is. Not that I don't like the chorus, it's still great.

I didn't really like the acoustic guitar in bars 59-60 just because of the rhythm. I just felt it needed to be a bit more fancy than just straight forward on-beat strums. The transition to the breakdown was alright, a little sudden, maybe you could drag out the transition a bit. Although I'm sure it'd be fine in a recording.

The solo piano section was really nice and the epic section was too. But I felt the solo was a bit disappointing. It just didn't have that real nice melodic moment, if that makes any sense. Putting it simply, I think you should make the solo better. I also weren't really liking the blast beats under the solo, it didn't feel right. Or at least maybe the first half of the solo shouldn't have blast beats. The outro was really nice though.

So yeah, nice one. Try and get this recorded one day.

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very very cool, not boring at all and I loved the solo, you're really good at solos. But I can't say I fully enjoyed the piano outro, it had the right key but not the right rhythm, I guess. I don't know, I just feel like it could flow better like with less pauses and such (I'm only talking about the last like 30 bars btw)
bar 17 - 24. love that lead guitar
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Amazing stuff, I especially liked the piano parts. Give me a pm if you record this!
I'll give a proper crit tomorrow. One thing I will say now is that the tuning is unnecessary, it's easier to play in Drop B. It seems as though it was written in drop B and then transposed for drop A#.
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