Alright, so I was trying to see if I could write a generic modern rock song, I could. Because Im me I had to add a solo
you're a stone fox
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Hey man, some things to point out:
- Bass typically (not always) doesn't sound good with chords, so the end of bar 4 is a bit muddy. Also, the rhythm in bars 5-8- doesn't really fit, just make them eighths.

- The drums need some work, try just having a bass hit on the 1st beat, a snare hit on the 3rd beat, and a closed hi hat on every beat. For the part at bars 5-8, do the same only with an open hi hat. Then add variations or fills at the end of the bars if you want. Im going to edit in some new drum parts so you can see what I mean. theyre not like I said above exactly, but you can still see the constant cymbal every quarter note, so you can see what I mean. Also, the difference between the two parts isnt much, so I changed that a bit as well

- The solo: The first four bars weren't bad at all. I liked the chromatic sound in the 3rd bar of it. Theres really nothing bad about the first bars except that they repeat. That repeat sounds terrible, dont do that. For bars 18-19, the straight sixteenth notes are a little boring, try changing up the rhythms, throw in some triplets or 32nds, or something.

If you dont mind, you could C4C on one of these songs

EDT: whoops, forgot my edit
Generic Modern-Rock EDIT.gp5
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^ thanks man, I tried out a lot of what you said. This is the new version
you're a stone fox
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