Hi people i have been playing guitar acoustic for nearly a year i am interested in finger picking and lots of styles i recently bought a 12 string which i love i also own an fender strat which i rarely pick up i hear so many different styles and tech niques i find myself wanting to learn em all. Now i seen these guys with silver thing s on there finger and when i asked my teacher he says it is for playing slide guitar now i ordered one off ebay it will be here soon and i would like to know if any one can tell me about slide guitar technique and what guitar should it be played on Thanks People
Play on any guitar. It helps if there is some decent action on it. You put it on your ring or pinky. Use your thumb to anchor on the back of the neck and slide your hand along the strings. Don't press down with the slide, just let it touch the strings and put the slide above the frets. To mute excess noise, you can put your other fingers on the strings behind the slide. If you do it right, it doesn't really affect the sound of the strings you pluck, but it mutes the other ones.

If you need some easy stuff, look up white stripes or black keys stuff. The slide stuff they do is pretty easy to pick up after you get okay at slide. For solo slide stuff, allman brothers band is pretty much the pinnacle of great slide work imo, and while it's tricky, you can pick it up without a ton of problems if you practice it well.
A few more things. There are tons of good instructional videos on YouTube. Just search for slide guitar or Delta Blues guitar.
Open tunings are pretty much standard, with open "G" and "D" likely the most popular though there are many others.
As Warrior mentions, a higher action is best, that's why most people who play a lot of slide will have a dedicated guitar. If you use a "normal" action, you'll be whacking your treble strings all the time with the slide.
You must learn to "damp" the strings behind the slide, normally with your index finger. This prevents extraneous noise.
Also, you "fret" by placing the slide directly over the fret, not just behind it. The slide just touches the string firmly enough to make a clear tone.
Vibrato is part and parcel of the style; check out BB King.
Slides are a matter of preference, nearly anything you can think of has been used. Most popular are glass (your traditional wine-bottle neck), steel, copper, or brass tubing, and even bone.
Have fun!
Black Leads Way to Blue by Alice in Chains has an easy slide part.

Catch the Rainbow by Rainbow also has an easy slide solo at the end.

You could try either of those.

The ZZ Top cover of Dust My Broom also has a slide part but it is more difficult than the above two.

Joe Walsh uses the slide on the middle finger I believe.
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open g, open a & open d, open e are the tunings
i learned alotta slide from john tuggle at learning guitar now
there's a lot of snippets of info over the web, but i found alot of concentrated (good) material from him
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wow My slide arrived the other day its very difficult to work out what to do i will suss it though thank s peeps
The big thing with using a slide is to keep the other strings muted that you don't want to hear. When you first start out you get a lot of extra noise you doin't want.