Hello my fellow axemen. I recently took my Goth V to get work done on it since it was causing tons of noise. For some strange reason it was only on my amp though since I took it to two guitar techs and they actually tested it out in front of me and it was extremely quiet when not being played.

Anyway, I had one of the techs work on it and he rewired it, cleaned it, adjusted intonation and action. When I got it back, I was in love with it again. Played like a charm and intonation was dead on. But.... the sound was still there. I don't blame the tech though since it wasn't making noise in his amp. So I did some research and apparently it has to do with the inside of the guitar not being shielded. I'd take it back to the tech but I don't wanna spend even more money for something that can be solved easily with some aluminum foil and patience.

Now that you're done reading my story. What do you guys think? Should I use copper shielding or aluminum foil to shield the pickguard and the cavity for the electronics? Which one's cheaper and would make my guitar more quieter? Also, do I HAVE to shield the cavity too or just the pickguard?
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For the best results I recommend copper, specifically copper tape. But if you want it done for less $$$ then go with the foil (you'll still get some hum though).

I'm no expert but I think you might have to shield the entire cavity where the pickups go. Only this way will electricity be properly conducted inside the guitar.
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