We're looking for a drummer to fill up our prog/alternative rock trio based out of Everett, Washington. The drummer should be intermediate/expert level. As you might imagine some songs/parts could be pretty complex.

Our stuff is sometimes punky, sometimes proggy, sometimes metalish, sometimes hard rock... we love doing different things and experimenting with music. We generally descibe our sound as being close to other modern neoprog/alternative rock bands like Coheed and Cambria and Muse. We're looking for a fellow music lover who is open minded about different genres and willing to try new styles.

Our dedication level is... medium? We're not putting all of our eggs into the "band" basket, but right now our goal is to write and record an awesome EP/album, and start doing shows and sending our stuff around to independant labels. So yeah... medium I guess.

I'm Nick Poling. I'm 20, I play guitar and sing, and am usually the lead songwriter. Richard Delashmitt plays bass. He's also a 20-something. If you think you meet the above qualifications, aren't an old man, and live relatively close to us, we'd love to jam with you! Send me a message if you're interested. Rock on!
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